10 Healthy Practices For 2014

10 Healthy Practices You Can Implement This New Year For A New You! 

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1. Oil Pulling. It's an ancient Ayurvedic practice that's extremely beneficial for your health! Here's what you need to know: after waking, before eating and brushing your teeth, swish your mouth with a tbsp of good quality coconut or sesame oil. I like to gently melt my coconut oil over the stove-top before doing this. Helps make the experience a little more enjoyable. :) Why this is beneficial for your health? It's said to pull bacteria, parasites and other toxins from your teeth and mucus membranes. Aside from oral health, it is said that the large veins underneath the tongue absorbs the nutrients from the oils such as the omega 3s. Lastly, many people have reported other benefits such as whiter looking teeth, an improvement in arthritis symptoms, eczema, sinus infections, migraines and much more! Stay tuned for a more in-depth blog post on oil pulling soon!

2. Aloe Vera! My new go-to for digestive healing! I take an inch of my aloe plant & filet it to remove the gel inside. You absolutely don't want to ingest the green part (it acts as a laxative - you've been warned!). I like to put the gel inside my cup of water or glass water bottle, give it a stir & sip! Aloe is fantastic for anyone suffering from digestive issues such as gas, bloating, or more severe conditions such as IBS. Alternatively, you can place the aloe into your blender with your fave smoothie ingredients and it will have the same effect!

3. Gratitude Journal. Every single day I write down everything I'm most grateful for. This practice helps keep me positive and grounded. It's a daily reminder that my glass is half full. :)

4. Replace commercial air fresheners full of toxic chemicals with non-toxic essential oils. My favourite blend for the season: clove, sweet orange and cinnamon! The house will smell amazing - I promise!

5. Consider decreasing the amount of meat in your diet! Participate in Meatless Mondays and see what changes you start to notice! Start today with one of my all time fave recipes!

6. Replace the margarine in your home with butter. Despite the health claims stamped all over your margarine, it's filled with hydrogenated oils that are detrimental to your health. Please replace with real butter, ideally organic.

7. Invest in a juicer. It will be the best money you ever spend! We all have a difficult time getting our daily servings of veggies in. A juicer makes it so much easier! It's like bathing your cells in liquid gold. This will be your new multi-vitamin!

8. Move your body daily! Find an activity that you love. It could be walking, hula hooping, yoga, join a gym, take up swimming - ANYTHING! Schedule your workouts the same way you would any other appointment. This will help keep you on track.

9. Ditch refined sugar! It's inflammatory, immune suppressing & adding inches to your waistline. Incorporate natural sweeteners into your diet such as raw honey, 100% pure maple syrup, brown rice syrup & coconut sugar or nectar.

10. Invest in yourself, find a Holistic Nutritionist (like ME) that you can work with one-on-one to help you achieve your health & wellness goals! For more info on my nutrition services click here.

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