50 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

I'm sure most of you are familiar with this oil - it's been very trendy lately. And if you haven't joined the coconut craze yet, I hope that this blog post can sway you. There's a good reason people are going coo coo for coconut oil - it works!

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I love coconut oil because it's so healthy for us and incredibly versatile. One jar can have multiple uses from cooking to your skin to hormone health to clean DIY home products. I have 3 jars of it around my home: one in my kitchen, another in my bathroom and one in the bedroom (more on this later ๐Ÿ˜‰). It truly is magical stuff๐Ÿ’ซ

Why this oil is beneficial for us:

You may have heard differently. There's a misconception that coconut oil is a bad fat but this isn't the case. Now, it's true that coconut oil is made up of saturated fats BUT they are in the form of MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which affect the body differently than longer chain fats. Simply stated, the body is able to metabolize these shorter chain fats more readily. They aren't stored away as fat, instead, they get shuttled to our liver where they are used for energy, blood sugar regulation and brain fuel. This means coconut oil is beneficial for our brain as well as a great weight loss tool.

As if all of that weren't enough, coconut oil is also revered for its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial and immune boosting properties. For these reasons coconut oil can have a variety of uses. I'd like to share 50 of my favourites.

50 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

For cooking

  1. Great cooking oil because of its high smoke point.
  2. Baking - replace common vegetable oils/sprays with melted coconut oil.
  3. Off the spoon to relieve constipation. 1 tsp at breakfast and dinner to start (everyone reacts differently). Gradually up your intake to find the best dose for you.
  4. Off the spoon with chia seeds for instant & long-lasting energy!
  5. On toast in place of butter - great option if you're dairy-free.
  6. Make your own superfood chocolate.
  7. Stove top popcorn.
  8. Perfect for adding brain healthy fats to homemade granolas.
  9. Add a tablespoon to your smoothies for an energy boost, to help with weight loss and to curb cravings.
  10. Great coffee creamer alternative when emulsified into coffee - I use my high-speed blender for this.

Oral health

  1. Oil pulling - amazing for oral health & detoxification. Major perk - whiter teeth!
  2. All natural coconut oil toothpaste. 6 ingredients only, 2 of which are optional: coconut oil, baking soda (helps whiten), peppermint essential oil (helps give toothpaste that minty fresh taste), sea salt, stevia (optional, to naturally sweeten) and bentonite clay (optional, helps draw toxins out of mouth).
  3. DIY coconut oil mouthwash. Mix fractionated coconut oil with a few drops of peppermint, clove or cinnamon essential oil for fresh breath.
  4. Sanitize your night guard or retainer. Apply a small amount when it's not in use & rinse before wearing.
  5. Toothaches. Dilute 1 drop of clove essential oil with coconut oil and apply to affected area.

Skin health

  1. On its own as a simple moisturizer.
  2. Body butter. Mixed with shea or coco butter, it's the perfect all natural moisturizer that helps to hydrate dry skin.
  3. Skin irritations. Because coconut oil contains antioxidants, it's great for irritated or damaged skin.
  4. It can be helpful topically for skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
  5. For sunburns. It can help speed up healing {Wait until the heat dissipates before applying coconut oil or you'll trap the heat in}.
  6. Helps relieve arthritis because it's anti-inflammatory.
  7. Deodorant. Seriously the BEST all natural deodorant I've ever used. It's 100% effective because it's antibacterial.
  8. Makeup remover. I used to spend tons of money on fancy all natural products to remove my makeup until I read up on using coconut oil. It's simple, cost-effective and works! No recipe needed - apply coconut oil over the eyes and/or face and wash away with water or my fave - a warm wet cloth.
  9. Anti-aging. It's great for wrinkles because of its antioxidant properties.
  10. Acne. Coconut oil helps battle bacteria. A little bit of coconut oil with 1 drop of tea tree essential oil dabbed onto the affected area.
  11. Massage oil - mix with a few drops of your favourite essential oils and HEAVEN!
  12. Cuticle cream. Helps soften & repair skin.
  13. Body scrub and exfoliant. Mix 1 1/4 cup brown sugar with 6 tbsp melted coconut oil and 15 drops of your favourite essential oil.
  14. Natural personal lubricant which won't interfere with vaginal flora. {NOTE: Not condom safe for all condoms. Coconut oil can deteriorate latex and compromise protection}.
  15. Deep condition your tresses with coconut oil. It's amazing for damaged, dry hair and supports hair growth. Depending on your length, gently melt 1-2 tbsp and apply from root to tip. Leave on as long as possible and shampoo/condition normally.
  16. It's been boasted to reduce the appearance of cellulite when used consistently on the skin.
  17. Cracked, dry heels? Soothe them with coconut oil.

Essential oils

  1. As a carrier oil to dilute and apply your essential oils topically.
  2. Dilute a few drops of lavender and vetiver essential oil with coconut oil. Apply to your temples and the bottoms of your feet to promote a deeper, more restful sleep.
  3. Use as insect repellent. This is a much safer alternative to DEET. In a dark glass spray bottle combine coconut oil with essential oils like peppermint, lemon balm, cat nip oil, clove, geranium, eucalyptus & rosemary.

Overall health

  1. Coconut oil does wonders for digestion when taken internally.
  2. Because of its antimicrobial properties it can be helpful for treating Candida.
  3. When taken internally it can help to restore hormonal balance.
  4. Helps the body to absorb minerals like magnesium and calcium which are important for strong bones & teeth.
  5. There is research that shows that coconut oil may prevent and/or slow down the progression of Alzheimer's and dementia.
  6. Can help to increase mental alertness when consumed daily.
  7. Treat cold sores naturally.
  8. Can help reduce allergy symptoms when consumed daily.
  9. Great for breastfeeding moms. Coconut oil woks miracles on dry, cracked skin including sore nipples from nursing.
  10. Yeast infections. Take internally and apply externally.

Pet health

  1. Not just for us - it's pet friendly too! If your furry babes are struggling with any sort of skin condition, coconut oil is great to apply externally. {My fur babe often struggles with skin allergies which show on his paws - coconut oil has come to the rescue many times}.
  2. Conditions dry paw pads.
  3. Helps to eliminate fleas and ticks.
  4. Internally for pet health. Add a little coconut oil to their meals - it helps freshen breath, eliminates fur balls, adds shine to their coat, improves joint problems & helps reduce weight.
  5. Coconut oil doggy treats - a real hit in warmer weather!  3 ingredients: 1/2 cup coconut oil, 1/2 cup almond butter & 1/2 tsp cinnamon. Create a double boiler (bowl over a pot) on the stove top and combine all ingredients well. Pour mixture into silicone ice cube tray and freeze until set. Store these in the fridge. {I'll often make a giant batch of these, freeze most of them and take out what I need for the week}.

What to look for when buying coconut oil

Generally speaking, the best kind of coconut oil is unrefined and organic because it offers the most benefits. Buying this type is especially important when taking coconut oil internally.

Refined coconut oil is tasteless and has no odour. It also has a higher smoke point than unrefined which is great whenever you're cooking over 400F. This can be a great option for those who doesn't like the taste and/or smell of coconut. Or when you're cooking a dish that doesn't lend itself to the taste of coconut. The problem, however, with refined coconut oil is that many companies use a chemical process whereby the oil gets heated, bleached and deodorized destroying many of the beneficial properties. Unless it says organic and steam refined on the label, it's most likely gone through a chemical process. So be a conscious consumer and read labels.

Fractionated or MCT oil is liquid at room temperature. I personally like using fractionated coconut oil when I'm using essential oils simply because I find it easier to work with. However, it doesn't contain all of the health benefits that unrefined has. Although, MCT oil is higher in brain boosting fats and many people prefer to cook with MCT oil and use it in their coffees for this very reason.

My go to brands: Nutiva, St. Francis, Organic Traditions, Naked Coconuts and Progressive.

Feeling inspired by all of the unique ways you can use a single jar of coconut oil?!

I wanna know, what are your favourite ways to use coconut oil?

Valerie XO

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