Blueberry Almond Protein Smoothie

My most favourite thing about smoothies is that they are simple, delicious and have the potential to be as healthy as you want them to be. You can really pack a lot of nutritional punch in a smoothie plus they are so easy to take on the go (my version of fast food!). Smoothies are also the perfect way to get fruits, veggies and dark leafy greens into your system!

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All you need is a blender and some creativity and sky is really the limit with smoothies, keep experimenting until you find what suits you.

Blueberry Almond Protein Smoothie

2 cups of Almond milk

2 cups of raw spinach

1/2 banana

1 cup of frozen organic blueberries

1tbsp raw almond butter

1tsp cinnamon

(Optional: raw cacao nibs, protein powder, powdered probiotics, flaxseed/hemp oil for additional omega 3s)

Blend the spinach and almond milk together first. Once it's nice and creamy add in the remaining ingredients and blend for about 1-2 minutes extra.

Nutritional Notes:

Almond milk & spinach are a great source of calcium. Non-dairy milks are ideal because they are non mucus forming and will not create inflammation in the body.

Spinach has amazing anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer benefits from its phytonutrients and because it's a great source of calcium, it contributes to strong bones. The great thing about adding dark leafy greens to your smoothies is that because of the fruit content you will barely notice them there but you will be benefitting from them in a HUGE way.

Blueberries & spinach are loaded with antioxidants that contribute to glowing skin, immunity & more!

Almond butter provides a dose of healthy fats, protein & fibre.

Cinnamon is a great digestive aid & helps to control blood sugar.

~ Drink your way to healthy! ~

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