Feeling Under The Weather?

When you begin to feel unwell there are many holistic things you can do to support your body:

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  • Get more rest, your body will thank you for this one! Sleep is essential for our health.
  • Simplify the diet, for instance, cut out inflammatory foods like dairy which promotes the production of mucus and meat which is difficult to digest in the best of times (let alone when you're not well).
  • Consider a juice fast
  • Eliminate caffeine, sugar (immune suppressing), alcohol and anything refined - they create an acidic environment which invite colds/viruses
  • Load up on Vitamin C to help fight the cold virus and shorten the duration
  • Suck on zinc lozenges to help boost immunity
  • Garlic is a natural antibiotic
  • Probiotics will replace friendly gut bacteria
  • Echinacea will keep the virus from multiplying if taken at first signs of a cold
  • Eucalyptus oil is great for relieving congestion. 5 drops in a bath or 6 drops in 2 cups of water and inhale the steam
  • Warming liquids, like broth & herbal teas are ideal: ginger, peppermint etc.
  • Get a chiropractic adjustment! This will boost the immune system and help shorten the duration of the virus
  • If necessary, take natural remedies and herbs to relieve symptoms and awaken the innate healing force. Consider homeopathic remedies here.
  • Ask yourself what is the root of the problem (could be physical or psychospiritual) and take steps to correct it. Prevention is key!

Maintain optimal health & prevent getting sick through proper nutrition (Think Whole, Live, Natural, Good Quality Foods), regular exercise, proper hydration, support your body with chiropractic care, homeopathy & massage therapy.

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