Green Beauty Review: Mascaras

Mascara was the very last item in my makeup case that I changed over to natural. I’m very picky about my mascara and I really loved the drugstore brand that I had been using for years. Needless to say, change can be hard!

However, now more than ever, I truly understand the importance of reducing the toxic burden on my body and avoiding harmful endocrine disrupting chemicals in my skincare products. In fact, I wrote a blog post all about it here. Ladies, if you want to balance your hormones and you haven’t yet started to swap out your conventional skincare products, I strongly urge you to do so. The sooner, the better.

My criteria shopping for a new, clean mascara: a long wand for easy application, highly pigmented and a sleek brush design that separates and lengthens without smudging or flaking.

I knew I would need to do my research here and go through some trial and error in order to find the right natural mascara for me. So, I read a ton of blog reviews to compare and contrast, watched Youtube videos and read all of the reviews through online stores to see what other women had to say.

My research and personal criteria led me to 5 mascaras that I invested my own money in and have been using for the past few months. Some I loved and will most definitely buy again, some….well, some were rather disappointing for the money I spent and some just didn’t live up to the hype.

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W3LL PEOPLE EXPRESSIONIST: This is by far my absolute favourite natural mascara that I’ve tried so far. It got a ton of fantastic reviews online and for good reason. The wand is long and the brush is sleek and PERFECT in my opinion. It’s a nylon brush, which I 100% prefer because I find it does the best job of separating lashes. It also tapers at the end for a really nice and precise application at the corner of your eye. It’s the most similar to my favourite drugstore brand. It really does a great job of lengthening and separating my lashes. It’s rich in colour and definitely one of the blackest blacks that I’ve purchased. It’s also EWG verified which is reassuring because you can trust that it meets the EWG’s strictest standards when it comes to chemicals of concern. Personally, I’ve never experienced it flaking off, although some women found that it does. Once in awhile, I do get some minimal smudging come the end of a LONG day but honestly, this was the case with all of the natural mascaras that I tried. And this one is definitely long lasting. This will hands down be my go to mascara.

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SAPPHO PARADIGM VEGAN MASCARA: This mascara is a close second for me! If I couldn’t restock my first choice 👆🏽, I would have no issue happily purchasing this one. I LOVE the packaging - it comes in this really beautiful metal tube. I realize that’s entirely superficial but you’re paying for it and the little details go a long way in my opinion. The wand is a great length. It’s a highly pigmented formula and the brush does a good job of separating and lengthening lashes. The only thing I don’t love about the design of the brush is that instead of tapering down towards the end, it gets bigger which doesn’t allow for the most precise application at the corner of my eye.

INIKA LONG LASH MASCARA: I definitely liked this mascara but I wouldn’t buy it again. As far as some of the natural ones that I’ve tried, it’s up there and does a good job. It did separate and lengthen my lashes…just not quite as well as the mascaras from W3ll People or Sappho and it’s a bit pricier too. It’s also not as pigmented as I would hope for and it did flake a little throughout the day. It’s certainly not the best mascara that I’ve tried but in no way was it one of the worst.


KJAER WEIS: This was the very first natural mascara that I purchased. I was completely swayed based off of the photos of the brush because it looked the most similar to my drugstore mascara wand. Although nearly three times the price, I was willing to invest IF I absolutely loved it. I didn’t. This mascara definitely didn’t meet my own personal criteria. The wand was short which made application difficult, it didn’t lengthen or add any sort of volume, it was super light in pigmentation which, if you prefer a softer look, that would be ideal, but I wanted something rich and highly pigmented. So I was disappointed. I will say this, it did do a great job of separating my lashes and it didn’t flake or smudge. I think if you aren’t after a really obvious or dramatic mascara, this would suit you just fine IF you can stand the price tag.

LILY LOLO BIG LASH MASCARA: I decided to try this one because I had heard so many wonderful things about this mascara and it got rave reviews online but I was disappointed. I hate chunky brushes and this one is openly marketed as having an “hourglass shape” for added volume, so it really is my own bad for purchasing it regardless of that. The brush is massive, honestly! It’s so hard to apply the mascara without getting it all over your face. And I actually didn’t find that it provided a ton of volume or length and it’s definitely not as pigmented as some of my favourites listed above. Needless to say I would not purchase this one again.

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So, there you have it - my mascara review after months of trying out a few different brands. At the end of the day, I think it really depends on what your personal criteria is for mascara: what you’re looking for in terms of the wand, brush, formula, appearance, etc. For me, I like a really clean look. I want a nice long wand, I want a brush that’s tapered for easy application, I want a rich formula that I can actually see and I want my lashes separated and lengthened without any clumping. W3ll People’s Expressionist mascara checked off all of those boxes and I’ll be buying it again.

I hope you found this review helpful especially if you’re like me and you've been hesitant to change over your mascara. Just remember, it takes time, patience and expect a little trial and error until you find the right fit for you.

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