Healthy Eating Tips for This Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Most of us are looking forward to seeing our family, friends, having a long weekend, a glass of red wine and best of all the yummy food we know we can count on!

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But here's the thing, Thanksgiving should not be an 'all-you-can-eat-buffet' or about over-indulging the entire day let alone the entire weekend! Forget about the unnecessary & excess calories you'll be consuming but think about the mass assault on your body with all of the unhealthy fats, excess salt, refined sugars & carbs you're expecting your body to metabolize! What a huge strain on your body.

I'm not suggesting you starve yourself or not allow yourself to enjoy your food or even your drink, I'm just asking you to be mindful about the food & drink you choose to put into your body this weekend. Most of us will have more than one Thanksgiving feast so it's incredibly important to set your intention this weekend and eat with purpose. Focus on what this weekend is really about: reflecting on the things you're most thankful for and being blessed enough to be surrounded by family and friends.

Healthy Eating Tips for Your Weekend:

  • Don't go to Thanksgiving dinner starving! You will eat faster and you will eat more when you're hungry. Be sure to have a nourishing breakfast and lunch. This will help you to avoid overeating at dinner.
  • Don't eat EVERYTHING! Make sure you look at the food choices available to you and ensure that 1/2 of your plate is roasted or raw or lightly steamed veggies! Choose lean meat, opt for skinless turkey & pay attention to your portion size. Choose 1 or 2 side dishes you are looking forward to and again moderation is key!
  • Don't overindulge in starches
  • Eat slowly, mindfully and STOP when you are full. Your body will let you know when it's had enough so pay attention!
  • Because you can't always control the ingredients that go into a dish, choose carefully and keep your portions smaller
  • Water! Drink plenty of water. Alcohol & caffeine will dehydrate you. Water will not only fill your tummy and keep you hydrated but it will help flush toxins out of your system.
  • If your gracious hosts will not be offended, consider bringing your own side dishes or mains to your event. This way you can ensure that at least one thing on the table is healthy
  • Avoid cream cheeses, heavy sauces, gravies made with loads of butter, candied yams, fried appetizers & cut out the bad fats & unnecessary calories
  • Don't pile your plate, choose foods you truly enjoy and remind yourself that it's not essential for you to lick your plate clean
  • Eat your calories and don't drink them! For example, beer, sugary punches, commercial juice cocktails. Stick to water or some red wine.
  • Healthy items to choose from: Roasted/raw veggies, lean meat, any veggie side dish that's not smothered in butter or cream sauce, hummus & pita, shrimp cocktail, nuts (no more than a handful), cheese, fresh fruit and dark chocolate
  • Remember that it is ok to indulge BUT not on everything, choose one indulgence
My hope is that these tips will help you avoid having to undo the top button of your pants after you eat, avoid the oh so common food coma/food baby that sometimes happens after a large feast & instead leaves you with boundless energy and clarity of mind.

I truly hope that your Thanksgiving weekend is filled with self reflection, laughter, good company, happiness and lots of love:)  - XO Valerie

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