Homemade Vitamin Water

Ditch the commercial sports drinks or so-called vitamin waters. They are riddled with sugars, artificial sweeteners, colorings and other nasty preservatives. Instead I recommend making your own natural Vitamin Water (a.k.a. infused water) which is not only simple but also incredibly nutritious.

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Depending on your level of activity I recommend that you hydrate during and after your work out with: water or homemade vitamin water and replenish your electrolytes with Emergen-C or coconut water. And remember that not all coconut waters are created equally! Look for products that contain only 100% pure and natural coconut water.

Homemade Vitamin Water

What youโ€™ll need:

1. Any combination of fresh or frozen fruit.

My favorite combinations: grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange or strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

2. Any combination of vegetables.

I love adding sliced cucumbers and/or a hot pepper.

3. An herb (or two...)

Mint, rosemary, basil, cilantro, lavender, etc.

4. Spices (optional)

Ginger, cinnamon stick (ground cinnamon will float), black pepper.

5. Water

Filtered water or sparkling water.


  1. First, add the fruit and vegetables in the glass, take a muddler (or simply use a wooden spoon or regular spoon) to gently mash and breakdown the fruit & vegetables.

Tip: peel the citrus fruits from their skin to avoid a bitter taste if youโ€™re preparing it in advance.

2. Next, take the herb and/or spice and gently bruise the leaf by gently mashing, this helps release the natural extracts and oils.

3. Lastly, add either sparkling water or filtered water and drink!

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