Juicing Vs. Smoothies

I often get asked, what is the difference between and which is better, juicing or smoothies?

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Truthfully, they are both a fantastic means of nourishing our bodies in different ways.

I like to think of raw juices and smoothies as a multi-mineral vitamin in a glass. I highly recommend both when possible!

Let's break it down a little more...

Why Juicing

  • Juicing is the liquid part of the plant with all the fibre removed.
  • Because of this it puts zero strain on our digestive system. In fact, juices bypass our digestive system altogether and go straight to our bloodstream where all the nutrients help to nourish & repair our cells.
  • This makes juices ideal for anyone who has digestive disorders or for those who have difficulty digesting raw fruits/veggies.
  • Unlike smoothies (which contain fibre), juices are absolutely not a meal replacement.
  • Juices are loaded with antioxidants which prevent free radical damage, they contribute to our hormonal balance and thus have the potential to increase libido and improve our sex life! Not to mention they are ideal for cleansing and detoxifying our livers.
  • Be careful though! Don't juice fruit only! Once you strip the fruit of its fibre matrix, all your left with is sugar! This will go straight to your bloodstream spiking your blood sugar levels and putting you on one hell of hypoglycemic roller coaster for the day. Not good!
  • Instead juice mainly veggies, greens, herbs & toss in 1-2 pieces of fruit

Why Smoothies

  •  Unlike juices, smoothies are blended foods that have been slightly broken down but still keep all of their fibre.
  • Because of this smoothies still need to pass through our digestive system but in a much gentler way than if you literally ate raw produce.
  • The fibre content in smoothies make them an ideal meal replacement or snack depending on what ingredients you use.
  • Smoothies are perfect for anyone on-the-go, they are the ideal fast food and are amazing before or after a workout.
  • Fibre is absolutely necessary to rid our bodies of waste & keep us regular.
  • Fibre is also key in detoxification & weight management.
  • You can pack a ton of nutritional punch in a smoothie! You can add super foods like spirulina, goji berries or raw cacao!
  • And just like juices, avoid blending only fruit! Combine your fruit with veggies, protein & a healthy fat source like avocado, flaxseed oil or raw nuts/seeds.
I encourage you to include juicing AND smoothies as part of your daily wellness regime. Although they have different functions, they both serve to enhance your health!

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