Meal Planning Strategies From A Nutritionist That Will Save You Time!

Let’s face it - healthy eating requires more thought, planning & organization than processed convenience or fast foods! But a little meal planning goes a long way!

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 Meal planning strategies are a great way to help keep you on track and save you time! But did you also know meal planning can save you money and produce less waste?

In buying only what you need from the grocery store for the week ahead you won’t be purchasing more than you need which also means less waste come the end of the week! Every ingredient counts.

Here are my top meal planning strategies: 

  1. Use Sundays to prep and plan all your meals for the week! Create a weekly meal plan & shop for all your ingredients. Why Sunday? It’s usually the day we choose to stay at home, rest & regroup for the week.
  2. Immediately after shopping wash and cut the fruits/vegetables you’ll be snacking on throughout the week. Store them in glass Tupperware in the refrigerator. This makes healthful snacking much more convenient!
  3. Look ahead in your meal plan. Are you cooking grains? Roasting vegetables? Use Sunday to prep grains like quinoa and cook large batches of roasted or steamed veggies. Not only is this a fantastic time saver but it also provides you with leftovers for lunches!
  4. Speaking of leftovers! Make extras at dinner. Leftovers make the easiest lunch ideas! Dress them up with grains, salads or a wrap to add a little variety.
  5. Every salad, wrap & bowl of grains needs a great dressing! Prepare one ahead of time, store in a mason jar in the refrigerator. Voila! Your secret weapon to make dinners & leftovers taste amazing is ready to go!
  6. Many healthy recipes call for freshly squeezed lemon juice. Juice many lemons before the week and store in a glass mason jar!
  7. A large pot of soup is my go-to! Prep soup on Sunday, allow it to cool completely and store in the refrigerator or freeze for later. I like to take a portion and blend it in my Vitamix for a creamy soup alternative! Helps keep leftovers from feeling repetitive.
  8. Make your own trail mix with raw nuts, seed & super foods like goji berries or raw cacao for healthy snacking.
These strategies are designed to primarily save you time, money, reduce waste & best of all make healthy living all the more achievable! 

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