October Love List

Each month I will be featuring my 'love list' of products that I'm currently into & that I want to share with all of you so that you can go check them out yourself!

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I will not highlight anything I haven't used myself or wouldn't recommend to my clients.


The first on my love list is a Spoonk! And, no! I did not make a typo! A spoonk is a mat with over 6,000 stimulation points on it. It is based on the same principles of acupuncture. The mat stimulates very specific spots on the body and is designed to help relieve tension, stimulate circulation & create deep mental & physical relaxation. Some of the benefits of spoonking include increased energy, reduced inflammation & pain & can even promote a deeper sleep. If you're looking for increased energy use the mat for 5-10 min. If you want to benefit from deep relaxation use it for 20min or longer. All you need to do is lay on the mat & your body takes care of the rest. When i first got my spoonk mat, I started out with just 5 minutes and worked my way up to 30 min. I noticed a significant difference in my sleep if I used it right before bed - I slept deeper and felt more rested. I also noticed a dramatic shift in my neck and shoulder pain.
I purchased mine from Nature's Emporium in Newmarket but you can also find them on Amazon or directly off the main site http://www.spoonkspace.com. They come in various colours which are all very pretty!

Second on this list is a dry skin brush! I've chatted about dry skin brushing in a previous post so I won't get into it in too much depth here. If you haven't gone out to buy one - please do! It's one of the best ways to detoxify each and everyday! If you haven't heard this yet, let me be the first to tell you - our skin is our largest organ but it’s also one of the most important elimination organs in the body. It plays a HUGE role in daily detoxification. We can do our part by helping this process along and dry skin brush once a day. I like to dry skin brush before showering, it takes as little as 5 min of your time. For the 'How To's' on dry skin brushing see my previous post. As for some of the benefits, aside from detoxification it also increases circulation, helps with ingrown hairs, improves lymphatic drainage, tightens & rejuvenates the skin and it helps significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite!! Cellulite is merely toxic material trapped in our body's fat cells. The way to bust cellulite - dry skin brush! But my favourite part about dry skin brushing is it's ability to improve the relationship you have with your body. It forces you to get up close and personal with all the areas and bits you try to avoid looking at. Get to know your body again, examine it & show it the love it deserves:)

Third is Dandy Blend! What the heck is Dandy Blend?! It's an instant herbal coffee substitute & the BEST one I've tried! I la-la-love this product for so many reasons! First, if you're looking to limit your caffeine intake you will love this product as an alternative. It's rich and full-bodied like coffee without being acidic or bitter. It's gluten-free because they're using extracts which is also a plus! But the best part is that it's made of dandelions and we certainly do not get enough of those in our diet! Dandelions are so great for cleansing the body - very liver supportive. So instead of this beverage being taxing on our bodies like coffee can be, it has the exact opposite effect. It's super nourishing & really tasty. This is one of the best products I've found to help my clients restrict their caffeine intake. You can find Dandy Blend at Nature's Emporium in Newmarket, off of upayanaturals.com or directly from the brand. I will mix Dandy Blend with warm almond milk, a touch of maple syrup, vanilla extract & cinnamon - an amazing non-dairy vanilla latte without the jitteriness! Enjoy!!

Hula Hooping is my new addiction! I've incorporated "hooping" into my daily workout routine and it's pretty friggin great and hard...and tiring LOL! Hula hooping is not just for kids although it's just as beneficial to them as it is to us! Let's chat about some of the health promoting benefits to hooping. This activity is core strengthening and muscle toning, it helps build and develop cardiovascular endurance & improve joint health. My favourite aspects to hooping: A. It's completely cost-effective. If you have $4 you can hula hoop! No excuse for not moving your body on some level each day. B. You just can't take yourself seriously when you're gyrating and you shouldn't!! This activity is guaranteed to slap a smile on your face. It's a fantastic workout and if you have little ones - it's a great activity to do together.

Mason Jars & Glass Straws! I hopped on this band wagon straight away when I entered this field. I love mason jars because they are so incredibly versatile! I can use them as drinking glasses, take my smoothies to go but I can just as easily store food in them like my raw nuts/seeds, leftovers, sauces, you name it! They are great because they offer safe food storage & they won't absorb the odours from your food thus making something taste like onions or garlic that shouldn't. Moving on to the glass straws - I only just recently invested in some great glass straws as well as stainless steel straws. I'm a fan of these because they are reusable & environmentally conscious. To boot, anything that reduces our exposure to plastic is something we should always strive for! Check out www.strawesome.com they have some killer glass straws with awesome designs. Alternatively, you can find them at most health food stores, I bought a couple from Nature's Emporium in Newmarket or check out www.upayanaturals.com.

Hope you enjoyed October's Love List!!

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