Spicy Broccoli & Almond Stir Fry

I don't like letting anything go to waste in our house! We had quite a bit of broccoli left in the fridge so I decided to whip up an easy dinner for us that included this quick broccoli stir fry.

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What I love best about this dish is that it's simple and really quick to make. It doubles quite nicely as a side dish or main depending on what you're making. I chose to pair it with quinoa for a major protein boost and we had it as our main meal.

Why you should be eating more broccoli? It's a rich source of Vitamins K, C (can reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies), and A as well as Chromium (fantastic for regulating blood sugar levels) and fibre! It's part of the cruciferous family which means it contains anti-cancer nutrients. To boot it's touted for its amazing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detox-supportive properties. 

Spicy Broccoli & Almond Stir Fry

Serves 2-4

1 -2  tbsp ghee (clarified butter) (alternatively you can use olive or coconut oil)

1/2 tsp red chill flakes

2-3 cups of broccoli, separated into florets & washed/drained

2 tbsp gluten-free tamari

2 tbsp almond slivers

squeeze of lemon (at the end)

Optional: feel free to add in diced onion, minced garlic and/or some nutritional yeast. I wanted to keep it simple but feel free to up the ante on the flavour and nutritional profile.


  • In a large saute pan on medium heat add ghee (or olive/coconut oil). Once ghee is warmed through, add in red chill flakes and allow it to sauté until you see the oils start to come out and change the colour of the ghee.
  • Add to the pan the broccoli with a splash of water and cook a few minutes.
  • Mix in tamari and stir a few minutes. Add to the pan the almonds and stir again.
  • Cook broccoli until it's a bright green. It should still be a bit crunchy.
  • Remove from heat and squeeze a touch of lemon juice onto it. Taste for salt, pepper and if desired add a bit more tamari.
  • Serve as a side dish to an entree or as a main dish and pair it over quinoa, brown rice, millet or soba noodles.
Healthy eating can be simple, nutritious and doesn't require you spend hours in the kitchen!

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