The Best Holiday DIY Holistic Gift Ideas

Ah the holidays...a time of joy, perpetual hope and merriment. Or is it?!

For some of us the holidays are a time of stress, filled with financial strain, family pressures and obligatory holiday parties. This may be a difficult notion for some of the holiday die hards to understand but it's a reality for many people. 

Maxed out credit cards, unpaid bills, working extra hours, scrimping on groceries - all of this to be able to buy holiday gifts for those nearest and dearest. Does this sound like you? If so, stick with me! I'm going to share my favourite DIY holiday gift ideas that won't break the bank, aren't overly complicated and are holistically oriented. 

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Gift Idea 1

Homemade potpourri with essential oils


Any dried herbs, flowers and spices. For example:

  • whole cinnamon sticks
  • cardamom pods
  • whole cloves
  • dried rose petals
  • dried lavender
  • bay leaves

3-5 drops of essential oils of choice. For example:

  • peppermint
  • clove
  • wild orange
  • cinnamon 
  • ginger
  • white fir 

Combine the dried herbs, flowers and spices in a clear cellophane bag OR I personally love using small, wide mason jars here for a really nice rustic touch. Add your essential oils of choice. Either wrap your bag with a pretty ribbon or some festive fabric (Fabricland is my go to for this) OR if you're using a mason jar, secure with a lid and I'll often 'pretty it up' with some ribbon around the lid too.

Voila! Instant, non-toxic homemade potpourri for all your friends and family! If you're making this for yourself (and why wouldn't you?!) skip the bag and mason jar and instead add everything to a pretty bowl. Every couple of weeks, you'll need to add a little more essential oils to maintain the aroma. 

NOTES: My favourite combinations include all things cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and orange! But to be honest, I'll usually go with what I have on hand. 

I purchase most of my dried herbs, spices and flowers from Mountain Rose Herbs. But you could just as easily get them on a budget from places like Bulk Barn or the bulk section of your natural health store. 

When it comes to essential oils I always buy mine from either Living Libations or from doTERRA. I trust the quality and integrity of the oils. Again though, you can find essential oils from your natural health food store. Just don't buy them from places like the dollar store - the quality is sub par. 

Gift Idea 2

Exfoliating Citrus sugar scrub


1 wide mouth, short mason jar
1 cup organic sugar
1/2 cup sweet almond oil
10-20 drops of any citrus essential oils

*My favourite citrus essential oils to use in a scrub: wild orange and grapefruit - smells sooo good!
** See above for where to purchase essential oils.
*** As for carrier oils like sweet almond oil, you can find these at your local health food store or from Mountain Rose Herbs.


  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Transfer to mason jar. 
  3. Pretty it up with ribbon or festive fabric.

NOTE: Sometimes, I like to hand write the recipe that I used on a cute little recipe card. Punch a hole in the top corner and use twine to wrap it around the mason jar. 

Gift Idea 3

Homemade deodorant

Most people I know are always on the hunt for a good all natural deodorant. And no matter how many times I sing the praises of my recipe linked above, some people are either too scared to make their own or are simply too busy to find the time. So I like to give it out as a gift.

Best part: They're usually speechless at how effective the deodorant is. 

Gift Idea 4

REfreshing face toner


1/2 cup water
1/2 cup witch hazel
30-40 drops essential oils of choice (I love Frankincense, rose, lavender, lemon and geranium)


  1. Mix all ingredients together and pour into a spray bottle.
  2. As with all of the above recipes, pretty it up with a ribbon or some festive fabric. 

Gift Idea 5


Whip up some healthy holiday treats like these easy peasy almond flour cookies or my peanut butter cookies! Not only are they a cinch to bake up but they are seriously yummy! 

Get yourself some festive cookie tins or a few clear cellophane bags with some ribbon and you have yourself an edible prezzie! 


There you have it! 5 incredible DIY holiday gift ideas that are sure to save you money over this festive season and put a smile on the face of those receiving them. 

Let's talk! What are you favourite budget-friendly holiday gift ideas?

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