Getting Personal Here!

photoBefore falling in love with nutrition (hook, line & sinker), before becoming a Holistic Nutritionist & before I embarked on a total lifestyle change, I was the girl who was sick at least once a month (that's literal, no exaggeration there!). From minor colds & coughs to full blown flu bugs - it was as though I lacked any sort of immune system. If the latest virus was floating around, I could count on one thing -  I would catch it! I caught everything! It got to the point where I lost all trust & faith in my own body.

Looking back now, I'm not at all surprised at how often I would succumb to colds and flu bugs. My diet pretty much said it all. Breakfast entailed some sugar-laden commercial cereal and a large coffee. I'd often skip lunch and always hit a wall between 2-4pm where I would crave caffeine or something sugary like a doughnut (hello hypoglycemia!). On rare occasions I would have lunch it would sometimes be Skittles (terrible, I know!), other times some disgusting sodium-rich soup with ingredients I could barely pronounce and on good days it would be leftovers. My snacks were always processed and packaged and I was lucky if I drank 1 cup of water each day! Fresh fruits and veggies? I was lucky if I had maybe 2 servings of fruit and veggies per day! My diet pretty much consisted of refined carbs, meat and CHEESE! I was not exactly the poster child for healthy eating.

Aside from how often I would get sick, overall I felt terrible - my digestion was awful! I always suffered from stomach cramps after eating and experienced bloating/gas. I would get random bouts of dizziness and headaches a few times a month. My period would come with a vengeance - my cycle was unpredictable & my cramps would be so severe that I'd be keeled over crying in pain. My only relief at that time of the month was Advil.

My big revelation came when when I randomly chose to watch the documentary Food Inc. It was a complete eye opener for me. If you've never seen it, I highly recommend you do - very thought provoking (I'll warn you - many scenes are graphic and emotionally upsetting especially if you're an animal lover!) Before this movie, I barely gave any thought to where my food comes from or how it's produced. I thought if it's in the grocery store then it has to be safe for me, right?....right??....! I was truthfully a little ashamed of myself after watching this movie for being so naive and trusting. How irresponsible of me!  After watching that documentary - everything changed - I decided I wanted to change!

I went to see a Holistic Nutritionist to learn more about food and that's where my love affair with nutrition started! I was a sponge - I seriously couldn't soak up the information quickly enough. I implemented many changes  - some very quickly and some over a period of time. Water was my first biggest change! And lots of it! My focus shifted to whole, live, good quality foods! So I incorporated fruits, veggies, complex carbs, raw nuts/seeds, limited dairy & convenience foods and focused on a more plant based diet. The changes I could see and feel were amazing & addictive! My skin was clearer and brighter, my body shape changed in a way that I could never achieve with consistent exercise, my period regulated itself and my cramps became minimal (with additional support from my amazing Homeopath!). I had never been SO in tune with my own body before.

Eventually, I was ready for more changes! I decided to pursue a career in Holistic Nutrition because I was so passionate about the topic and because nothing else had ever felt so right. I also introduced myself to yoga and noticed further changes to my body! I felt stronger, leaner and had much more confidence in myself. Over the course of that year, I realized I hadn't been sick at all! I was finally introduced to my own immune system. It was no miracle - I knew it was the food and lifestyle changes I had made.

Today, aside from nutrition, I use a wide array of holistic health care to support and nourish my body from chiropractic to homeopathy. In our house water is the main beverage consumed aside from daily smoothies, fresh raw juices, herbal teas and coconut water. We strive to eat fresh, local, seasonal and where we can we buy organic. We frequent Farmer's Markets often and in the summer we grow some of our own organic veggies. When we grocery shop we primarily stick to the perimeter of the store and our cart is over 70% produce. 

If there's one recommendation I could make - it's to get informed! Be aware of your food & lifestyle choices. Get your hands on documentaries or food & health books and arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can. Go to workshops & seminars being offered around you, take a stroll through your local health food store, get to know some of the products there and try one new thing! Take baby steps in the right direction. 

If you need one-on-one guidance and support seek out a Holistic Nutritionist (like me!) to facilitate your journey!

- Valerie, RHN