Using Essential Oils

Here's the 'why' behind my love of essential oils:

Unlike chemicals found in most candles, bathroom sprays, cleaning agents etc., essential oils don't remain in our bodies. Meaning, they leave zero toxins behind! They are just as convenient, practical and pleasant as commercial products but without the nasty & toxic ingredients. 

My favourite methods:

  • On a handkerchief or tissue: use 1 drop of essential oil and sniff as needed.
  • Baths&showers: mix up to 8 drops max in a bath with the door closed so the vapours don't escape. Or up to 8 drops max on a facecloth or sponge in the shower.
  • Diffusers: These are especially made for use with essential oils. They come in various materials such as ceramic, stainless steel, clay etc. The essential oils are mixed with water in the top of the diffuser and a tea light is used underneath to warm the bowl. You can also buy electric diffusers as well.
  • Room Sprays: 4 or more drops of essential oils per 1 cup of water in a spray bottle which can be used on carpet, curtains, as a room spray or cleaning agent.
  • Water bowls: Add 1-9 drops of essential oils to boiling water, close all doors and windows and allow 5 minutes for the aroma to permeate the room.
  • Candles: Light a candle and wait until the wax begins to melt, then add 1-2 drops of essential oils to the wax. Essential oils are inflammable so be careful NOT to get them on the wick.

My favourite blends:

  • Baths: I love this Nourishing Oil mix because oftentimes I find that baths dry my skin out. The oils in this blend will float on the water and cling to the body once you're out. Mix 2 teaspoons of Avocado&Apricot oil, 2 tablespoons of Sweet Almond oil with 50 drops of essential oils of your choice. I personally like chamomile, geranium & lavender essential oil with this blend.
  • Air Fresheners: In a diffuser I mix the following essential oils, clove, orange and cinnamon. This blend is my go to for the Fall and Winter Seasons.
  • Steam Inhalation: I use these blends when I have a cold: 1 drop of thyme, tea tree, lavender & clove. Or in a hot bath I use: 2 drops of thyme&tea tree oil with 1 drop of eucalyptus and 3 drops of lemon.
  • If I'm feeling stuffed up or congested I put 1 drop of eucalyptus oil on a tissue and sniff as needed.

When it comes to essential oils and aromatherapy there are SO many different uses for them. I recommend buying a guide and using it as a tool for when and how to use what essential oils safely. Lastly, it's important to ensure that you're buying a quality oil. Look for reputable brands like Aromaforce, Aura Cacia etc. One easy way to tell if it's a quality oil will be the bottle, look for dark bottles vs. clear bottles.

XO Valerie